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Halandri Parents SCE is a Social Cooperative Enterprise created by the need to offer childcare services to preschool and school-age children and their families. The founding members are parents who met at the parents' committee formed in 2011 to oppose the shrinking of preschool education in the municipality of Halandri in Athens, Greece.

Meanwhile, Greek Law 4019/2011 on "Social economy, social entrepreneurship and other provisions" was eventually enacted in September 2011, after 2 years in the making. This provided us with the opportunity to put our ideas into practice by establishing a legal entity trading under the name "Halandri Parents Social Cooperative Enterprise".

When the Greek General Social Economy Registry was established in March 2012, we filed an application and our Articles of Association were approved by the competent Ministry of Labor department managing Social Economy issues.

Since the end of August 2012, our Social Cooperative Enterprise is a member of the Greek Ministry of Labor Social Economy Registry.

What activities can the Social Cooperative Enterprise perform

As mentioned in our Articles of Association, the activities we focus on are:

  • Developing an information network with regard to issues pertaining to preschool, primary and secondary education.
  • Developing welfare structures for preschool and school-age children.
  • Developing social solidarity and mutual-assistance networks between parents and teachers.
  • Developing welfare structures that ensure school-age children have access to educational services, e.g. cooperative school of private tuition for secondary education students, cooperate foreign language school of private tuition.
  • Undertaking entertainment, recreational and cultural activities in public areas of the city aimed at the groups served by the Social Cooperative Enterprise.
  • Undertaking activities to support the public nature of schools via establishing cooperative practices between parents and their respective associations.

The Social Cooperative Enterprise is not looking to make a profit. Our Articles of Association clearly stipulate that 5% of the total profits are used to form a reserve, 35% are distributed to company employees and the remaining 60% are reinvested in current, new or similar activities.

Finally, note that our Social Cooperative Enterprise belongs in the category of care-giving cooperatives and is vested with a trading capacity by law.

Who can become a member

  • Any natural person who adheres to the principles and pursuits of the Social Cooperative Enterprise, is a parent and resides or is registered in the Municipality of Halandri.
  • Any legal entity who abides by the same principles and wishes to combine their social activities with the pursuits of the Social Cooperative Enterprise, subject to the limitations set out in the provisions of article 3 of Law 4019/2011.
  • Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 3 of Law 4019/2011, local-government authorities and legal entities governed by public law which are part of local-government authorities are not eligible for membership.


Our members in action in our photo and video galleries


Our Team

Our team is made up of two engineers, two translators / teachers, one illustrator / graphic designer and two teachers. By nature, and due to the positions they hold, the team is fully in tune with the requirements of the venture, while the individual skills of each member complement each other.


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Kostas Gerolymatos

GC Chairman, Engineer

Governing Committee Chairman, Kostas Gerolymatos, has vast experience in the fields of law, public administration and project management.

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Christina Christidou

Treasurer, Engineer

Christina Christidou (Treasurer) is an expert in the fields of project management and monitoring, evaluation, access to funding and implementation of operational plans and programs.

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Andreas Antonos

GC Vice-Chairman, Illustrator / Graphic designer

Andreas is responsible for visually promoting the business activities of the cooperative, from product and service design to the image projected over the internet in Greece and abroad

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Ellianna Panagou

Member, Translator / Teacher

Ellianna sees to the translation and proofreading of the literature we produce in English and in French and keeps us informed with regard to foreign literature and any news relating to the cooperative movement both in Greece and abroad.

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Dinos Palyvos

GC Member, Translator / Teacher

Dinos sees to the translation and proofreading of the literature we produce in English and in French and brings us is touch with international developments.

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Giorgos Karakonstantakis

GC Member, Teacher

Giorgos manages the cooperative school of private tuition, together with the rest of his colleagues. He is a living example of how a business structure can be managed by the people working in it.

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Nikos Sarafianos

GC Member, Teacher

Nikos also manages the cooperative school of private tuition, together with the rest of his colleagues. He brings their experience from the daily cooperative business field of action to the central management of the venture.


All of us dedicate a lot of time daily towards achieving our main goals: Creating business structures that will contribute added social value to our city, with employees who are satisfied with their salaries and their social contribution.