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Halandri Social Cooperative School of Private Tuition

Read below the extensive reference to the Halandri Cooperative School of Private Tuition as an example of good Greek cooperative practices, in the Heinrich Böll Foundation guide for cooperative enterprises! 

Example: Halandri Social Cooperative School of Private Tuition

"The 1st Halandri Social Cooperative School of Private Tuition was established out of the need for an alternative to schools of private tuition that charge exorbitant fees and offer minimal wage to teachers; schools that treat students as clients and offer education that is based on off-the-shelf practices and rote learning.

The 1st Halandri Social Cooperative School of Private Tuition focused on the needs of both students and parents, proposing an entirely different operating and administrative model, which is based on two fundamental axes:

A) It is free from business profit and a market-oriented mentality

This way, it guarantees the lowest fees possible for parents and decent wages for the teachers employed by it, combining low cost with top-quality education.

B) It is run by the parents of the Cooperative and the teachers

The School's teachers are responsible for any educational matters, while they participate jointly and equally in all decision-making processes. They have designed and submitted a comprehensive syllabus, from the 1st Grade of Senior High School to the university-entry exams. The syllabus focuses on developing the students' critical thinking and self-action, as we believe this is the only safe method for exam candidates to deal with the tough papers they have been sitting for in the last few years.

Parents are mainly responsible for any issues relating to the operation of the School and, along with the teachers, aspire to offer comprehensive and well-rounded support to the students.

We are confident that a school of private tuition which operates based on close cooperation between parents, teachers and students fosters an environment of credibility and solidarity, while it can release creative forces, greatly benefiting all stakeholders!"