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Halandri Social Cooperative School of Private Tuition

The Halandri Social Cooperative School of Private Tuition has already doubled its students in the 2014-15 academic year and has reinforced its social contribution, having been established as a rapidly developing, up-and-coming educational institution in the area.

The relationships of trust between parents and teachers are well founded and we believe we have already created a large educational community in our city.

However, we will continue to introduce new initiatives. Access and entry to secondary education is not a privilege of the few. Combining quality with low tuition fees and having a decentralised administrative system, made up of the school's teachers, we have designed a syllabus that fully meets the needs of our students.

The educational process focuses on a comprehensive approach to knowledge, both by covering any gaps and assimilating new material, as well as by activating critical thinking.

We reciprocate the trust the parents and students have shown in us by investing more time and effort in our endeavour, and we are already in the process of planning our next steps.

We really do care!

The teachers of the Cooperative School of Private Tuition