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“Let’s Eat Together” is a social solidarity initiative and not a commercial activity.

Following the recent enactment of Law 4264 for “Open-Air Markets”, which supposedly also took care of issues relating to street vendors, the government is now trying to crush any solidarity actions all over Greece, such as the “Let’s Eat Together” (Mazi na ta Fame) initiative. The aim of these new regulations is to curb the effort of distributing cheap and quality nutritional and everyday products; products which are currently under the control of large food market cartels and vested interests, resulting in a few corporations and large supermarket chains having the privilege of marketing basic consumer products. This leads to the decline of small businesses and producers, and the forced reliance of all consumers on large food chains, which control all production stages, from the field to the shelf.

All this time, the “Let’s Eat Together” initiative tried to counterbalance the high cost of living and the poverty faced by thousands of households by providing access to quality products at reasonable prices. Meanwhile, hundreds of our fellow citizens who could not afford to meet their nutritional needs were benefited by the “solidarity shopping cart”, as well as the special offers made by producers at the end of each distribution round. The “Let’s Eat Together” initiative, as is the case with all other solidarity actions, is not a commercial activity. This new effort to ban these activities will not go through. We are determined to continue our initiatives in any way we can.